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Blackjack Face Cards
Blackjack Face Cards
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Cards from 2-10 are worth their face value. Face cards are worth 10. Aces are worth 11 or 1 depending on which is more advantageous to the hand. In the game of blackjack there are certain hands that probability dictates it is favourable to blackjack face cards: split. There are also hands you should never split and some hands where the decision to, split is based on what the dealer’s up-card is. There are lots of regional variations, so you're likely to have to compromise on the ins and outs. Some say twos and jacks should not be mixed, while some believe that if a player cannot go, they must keep picking up until they draw a card that can be played. If play gets really serious, make players pick up two every time they make a mistake, and pick up one for exposing a card to the group in error. If play gets sinister, adopt the "bring backs" rule a player who has gone out can be brought back into the game if the player before them to their right lays a two or a black jack in the next round. You can also set the rules so that players cannot go out of the game on power cards, or "muscle" cards, as some like to call them.

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As always with blackjack strategies, these wont work every time. The numbers given are average results. The important thing is to remember that 17, 18 and even 19 arent automatic standing hands in, all situations. Dont take a hard approach to soft hands. A hard hand of blackjack face cards is a hand which does not contain an Ace or where, an Ace can not be counted as 11 without busting. The concept of blackjack hard and soft hands also known as hard and soft totals is very crucial to strategic decisions that must be made by a player. Indeed, hard and soft cards offer different odds of winning against the dealer. For example, lets say that you are dealt two cards in your starting hand, and you receive an ace and a 7. The value of your hand, if youre counting an ace as 11, would be 18. However, if you count the ace as 1, the value is only 8. You then receive a third card, but theres no card worth enough points to get you over 21.

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blackjack face cards
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